"Small men command the letter of the law. Great men serve its spirit. For the spirit of the law is justice... and justice is the spirit of God."

Barry W. Walker

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Walker Law, LLC was founded by Barry W. Walker in 2002. Prior to entering private practice, Mr. Walker clerked for the Honorable U.W. Clemon, the first black Federal Judge in the State of Alabama and a civil rights icon. In the years preceding the formation of Walker Law, LLC, Barry Walker honed his skills in the areas of complex civil litigation by representing individual plaintiffs and businesses in cases throughout the nation involving catastrophic injury, catastrophic birth injury, wrongful death, business fraud, professional negligence and insurance coverage litigation. The firm is currently involved in cases in Alabama, California and Washington , DC. The reputation of Walker Law, LLC is built upon selectively taking cases and then diligently preparing them for trial with unwavering focus on the needs and best interests of our clients.

Trial Lawyers specializing in Complex Civil Litigation, including Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death and Serious Personal Injury and Accidents.

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4,000,000.00 resolution of birth injury case
3,000,000.00 resolution of traumatic brain injury case
1,000,000.00 resolution of 18-wheeler case
1,000,000.00 resolution of medical malpractice case.
1.9 million dollar resolution of medical malpractice case
800,000.00 resolution of a nursing home negligence case


Elaine and William McCloud v. HealthSouth Hospital;
In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Birmingham Division;

Mrs. McCloud was admitted to the hospital to undergo surgery and post operatively was given an overdose of the antibiotic Gentimicin, which was later combined with the furosomide diuretic Lasix. Both drugs are known to cause ototoxicity (hearing loss) independently of each other, but are more potent when combined. After this overdose, Mrs. McCloud suffered additional hearing loss. Her hearing was already impaired. Settlement pursuant to confidentiality agreement.

Lewis v. Fairfield Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC;
In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Bessemer Division;

Edweener Lewis, while a patient at this facility, developed stage four Decubitus ulcers on her back, buttocks, and heels, among other areas, which led her to contract sepsis from which she nearly died. Settled pursuant to confidentiality agreement.

Tiffany and Jackie Hicks v. JC Penney, Inc. et al;
In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Birmingham Division;

While six weeks pregnant, Mrs. Hicks was a customer in the beauty salon at a J.C. Penney location in Birmingham. One hair stylist at the salon was cutting hair in two different chairs and failed to clean the hair up on completion of her work in violation of state law. Mrs. Hicks fell as a result, losing her baby and permanently injuring her back. Settled pursuant to a confidentiality agreement.

Wilbanks v. Rast Construction Company;
In the Circuit Court of Shelby County, Alabama;

Mr. Wilbanks was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle owned by Rast Construction and was rendered permanently disabled when he suffered a debilitating injury to his back requiring surgery. Settled pursuant to a confidentiality agreement.

Little v. City of Bessemer et al;
In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Bessemer Division;

George Stokes, IV (six years old at the time of his death) was playing on a construction site which was intended to be a park. This construction site was well known as a place where children gathered and played, but despite this no warning signs were ever posted regarding the site. The site was/is in a residential community. During the construction a huge tree was uprooted and soon thereafter it started to rain, creating an artificial pool of water in the area where the tree stood over four feet deep. Master Stokes, along with a large group of children, were playing near this pond when George, assuming the pond was a mud puddle, drove his bike in and drowned.
One of the Defendants in this case, Jefferson County, Alabama, has settled for the maximum amount under Alabama law. This case is ongoing against the other named Defendants.

Hooks v. Encompass Insurance, Inc.;
In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Birmingham Division;

Ms. Hooks’ home burned down when her daughter accidentally caught her bedroom on fire while lighting scented candles. For nearly two years Ms. Hooks attempted to resolve the matter on her own to no avail. Suit was filed and the case was subsequently mediated. Settled pursuant to a confidentiality agreement.

Barry Walker offers unmatched service to his clients. He cares about them and maximizes results on their behalf through his unwavering diligence, empathy, and experience. If you've been injured and need assistance, Barry Walker should be the first person you call.

Mark Carlson - Trial Lawyer

Exceptional! Barry Walker is the best. He is dependable, diligent, and honest. He was genuinely interested in ensuring that the welfare and health issue in my case was addressed. Additionally, he was knowledgeable about the steps to be expected during the process for my situation. I highly recommend him.

TQ Huntley - Client

Robbie White - Client

"The personalized legal counsel I received at Walker Law was amazing. They cared about me and my family. Barry W. Walker took every step possible to prosecute my case, regardless of money. He made me feel confident in my case, and was available for any questions I had. I would recommend their services time and time again."

Chris Thomas - Client

The Walker law firm provides diligent and aggressive counsel back by knowledge and integrity.

"I was so impressed with the lawyers at Walker Law. They really dove into my case and represented me with the utmost respect while showing a huge degree of confidence. I had no doubt in my team at any point in my case."

Jordan Miles - Client

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